Recommended links:

[] - Tesla and hight voltages - magnetic levitation and more. link
[] - Science hobbyist - magnetic levitation and many more. link
[] - cool site in german - Quality projects - Electronic - Laser projector, Tesla, etc. link
[] - electronics - full of knowledge, magnetic levitation and more. link

The wheels at work:

World's speed record: TGV Alstom

Some useful links: softwares, calculators & more:

[softpedia : software]
[Mathematics : Scilab]
[Magnetsales : Magnet & calculators]
[Mantaro : Impedance calculator]
[Hyperphysics : Physic]
[air coils]
[All about circuits]
[Xtronics circuits : ferrites, etc.]
[Eric Dennison : Magnet Formulas]
[Futura sciences]
[UNC : Measures Units]
[Casio : calculation library (perfect)]
[J.Weber : Electronique, etc.].

Some links for magnetic levitation:

[Levitation supraconductor - Sherbrooke University]


The gyroscopes and their maths