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Geometries # 1, 2, 3 & 5©

Levitation controlled in "hall" mode, front position reading is the first essential step of the project, the results must be perfect before to continuing in "Opto" mode or lateral hall mode (criteria [5] & [6]).
Levitation controlled in "Opto" mode on background sky ... in cardboard, the only video one intended to show the movement of something which does not move.
hall sensor is located at the left hand between both field coils cliquer pour charger la vidéo
Lateral reading (fly over the picture)
Test jig in geometry #2. The hall sensor is located under the floating object, in the neutral magnetic zone. The criterias [5] & [6] are met.

Other way to build the Geo#1 base (page Tech's).
Video geometry #1, "hall" mode
(41 ko - 10 s duration, .AVI, wmv9)

Clic on the picture for to load video.
(105 ko - 10 s duration, .AVI - wmv9)

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Geometry #1 in opto mode

Views under different angles of the flyingmagnet© in controlled levitation

Geometry #1 in lateral hall mode

Views of multi-purpose analog servo controller and the flyingmagnet© in levitation

Lecture latérale
Test jig and multi-purpose analog servo controller.
The hall sensors are strategically located under the object in levitation and the third one in a special location.
Views of the flyingmagnet© in levitation
it can be rotated at high speed if it is properly balanced. During a test more than 1000 rpm was obtained, the flyingmagnet© becomes a kind of gyroscope. The balancing has been done using 9 mini ties wrap. (cursor on picture)

Geometry #2 in opto mode

Controlled levitation (flying carpet or plateform, derived from geometry #2a)

skateboard : O.K ! most important is to preserve the cohesion of antigravitational fields... flying carpet : O.K. ! let's go, no... ...it's by there

Geometry #3 in opto mode & geometry #5 in hall mode

Controlled levitation (UFO or plateform in geometry #3 or UFO in geometry #5)

Disc in #3 geometry (cross): Ø 150 mm.
Top view: (fly over the picture)
Note:The geometry #2 can be used for to get a cross by positionning all magnets: parallel.
In my country, levitation is an old trick ! (geo#3)

but, today I feel to fly in economy class: (geo#5)
(fly over the picture)
objects composed for geometry #5 (ufo)
(fly over the picture)

This geometry permits to make float practically any small objects (150 ko).

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